Journey within Switzerland

Encourage travel by public transport and bicycle to minimise environmental pollution [1].
Gram of CO2 equivalents of different means of transport per person and kilometer including gray energy. Passenger cars average fleet and occupancy 197 grams, public transport average Switzerland 25 grams, e-bike 15 grams, bicycle 7 grams
CO2 emissions from different travel options [2].

On foot and by bike

When selecting the Location and Accommodation, see that participants have the possibility of getting around on foot.

Tell participants about the bicycle parking lots, and the PubliBike and Smide bike-sharing offers.

Public transport

Indicate the public transport connections in the invitation (VBZ Zurich public transport or SBB Swiss Federal Railways).

Dekoratives Bild: Spezialkarte ZVV

By enclosing a ZVV ticket with the invitation or admission to your event, you can ensure that your guests have a fast, stress-free and eco-friendly journey.

You can either specify fixed times and locations tailored to the event for the special cardor, for more flexibility, your guest can validate it just before travelling.

The cost will be calculated according to the number of visitors for your event (enquiries by mail to

Dekoratives Bild: Spezialkarte ZVV

The SBB also offers public transport options for events (enquiries by mail to


Dekoratives Bild: Smide E-Bikes

Why not offer your guests an enterprising alternative? smide e-bikes can be conveniently opened with an app and left anywhere in the city. Using this free-floating service, guests can rent e-bikes for short periods and get about fast.

smide is already a transport partner of ETH Zurich and has several charging stations and bonus zones on campus. ETH Zurich employees and students benefit from a discount.

Would you also like to offer your guest free minutes with a selectable bonus code (e.g. ETH_Tag_2020)? Or a smart day ticket? Please register directly by mail:


You can organise car-pooling for all participants and provide them with information online using the Events section’s Registration teamtool.

[1]: Environment Switzerland 2018 Report of the Federal Council

[2]: Data basis: Mobitool-Faktoren v2.0: Excel database with ecoinvent environmental data and emission factors.
Takes into account energy required for operation, energy supply, production, maintenance and infrastructure.

Car: Average fleet Switzerland, 1.6 persons, 7.5l/100 km, 1.5 t
Public transport:
Average occupancy and consumption
with Swiss electricity mix: hydropower 34.6%, solar energy 0.2%, wind energy 0.6%, biomass 0.6%,nuclear energy 46.7%, oil 0.1%, natural gas 2%, coal 0.1%, waste 13.4%, other 13.4%